As the owner of The Marc Advanced Color & Salon I’ve observed changes in what salon are willing to offer since 2020. What we’ve done is developed a concept of On Demand Services. This concept allows you to get same day or same hour appointments with highly skilled professionals who can take care of your beauty needs as well as tailoring services to fit into nearly any budget.

The Marc Advanced Color & Salon defines itself as “All Beauty,” with an emphasis on Specialized Color Services, as well as “All Eye” services.


We’ve targeted a similar concept of Maddison Reed color salon and have significantly improved on the concept of perfecting your color. Our all-color service blends experience with the creative talents of new colorist. This concept assures all patrons the security of knowing their color will be as exact as it can be. Our concept also allows you to choose a colorist that fits into your budget. Whether it’s expertly skilled or a beginning level colorist we collaborate with one another, so you get most optimal results for you budget.

Whether your budget is geared around do-it-yourself to go color, or you are looking for the top in the industry, we got you covered.

Or Eye technicians are highly trained in Lash, Brow shaping, Microblading and a host of other eye services.


You can depend on being serviced by the best!


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