Don’t just dream about the hair you want. This is how you can bring it to life. Here at The MARC, our expert stylists can help you pick and customize a color service that suits your needs. We will choose the right formula that can obtain the color you desire while keeping up the health of your hair. In this article, we share more about our Balayage services!

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Balayage Services by Professional Stylists

Balayage is a French word that means ‘sweeping,’ as in to sweep hair lightener to create highlights. Balayage is a technique that makes use of free-hand painting, applying highlights onto the hair, which creates a soft and natural gradation towards the ends. The end result is the look of your hair after summers spent at the beach or the fresh, perfect highlights on a child. Balayage is a natural-looking highlighting technique that can be used for any shade of hair for the soft and sunkissed dimension.

There are variations in application preferences. Some stylists don’t separate the hair, others separate the hair using pieces of cotton, and others prefer to use foil to divide the hair. There are various application nuances for different results, but the main reason why Balayage is so popular is that it allows stylists to choose the parts of your hair they want to highlight. Because of the natural-looking placement, Balayage allows for a softer grow out.


Benefits of Professional Balayage Treatment

The Balayage technique isn’t only meant for hair with blonde shades or any particular haircut. It is also great for redheads or dark and light brunettes who want a natural look. Balayage highlights will enhance almost any type of hairstyle. You can customize the haircut and add dimension with Balayage to enhance the cut and shape.

Balayage highlights require less maintenance as compared to traditional highlights. Many of them can last as long as three to four months between hair color appointments. This is because the Balayage application is done in a customized way, the way your hair grows out naturally. As a result of the subtle placement, you will not see the harsh line distinguishing where the Balayage highlights were used and where the natural hair growth begins.

Balayage highlights are often used by many celebrities, models and fashionistas. The Balayage technique allows the hairstylist to make use of their creativity to personalize the placement of every highlight for a fully customized end result.

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