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Thermal Straightening Services by Professional Stylists

Thermal straightening is also known as Japanese hair straightening which is a popular method to straighten wavy or curly hair. Many customers swear by this treatment as it helps to create a sleek and shiny style that is fit for any occasion. If not done properly, the process may cause hair damage which can be permanent. Thus, always trust The MARC for professional hair services at great prices.

Thermal straightening makes use of a special solution that is applied to hair which is similar to a flat perm treatment. The solution breaks down hair bonds to give it volume. This allows it to become straight like a pin when the flat iron is used. After saturating the whole hair with the solution, the hair will be rinsed and dried before being flat-ironed with a ceramic iron in small sections. A neutralizer is finally applied to lock the style in place.


Benefits of Professional Thermal Straightening Services

The main benefit of thermal straightening is how it is able to transform any natural waves into sleek, straight hair. It can also help to reduce hair volume and keep it looking more tamed. Thermal straightening is also known to improve hair curling and twisting while also enhancing its texture throughout.

This lets you enjoy the natural beauty of your hair to sport a unique look that is exclusively yours. Sections of hair that have been thermally straightened will improve in terms of their spread and texture and the results can last for several months. Those who wish to maintain their new sleek, straight hair are recommended to receive a new treatment for the new hair that has grown.


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Our professional hairstylists are also well-versed in the latest trends to help clients get the specific style that matches their personality. We offer a complimentary assessment to help clients decide on the treatment and styling services that they need.

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