Medium brown hair color is a transitional shade between light and dark brown. Because it goes well with so many different skin tones, medium brown is one of the most popular hair colors.

If you want multidimensional, versatile hair that looks completely natural, brown is your hue. You can never get tired of changing up your look with layers, bangs, waves, and highlights, to name just a few of the countless hairdo options available. This tone guarantees low-maintenance beauty without sacrificing style.

Check out these hair color ideas of fashionable and attractive medium-brown shades before your next salon visit.

Cool Medium Brunette

To the touch, cool medium brunette hair is as smooth and silky as a mirror. It is a lovely shade that gives the impression that your hair is lustrous and shiny.


The rich, chocolatey tones of the classic sweet are reflected in this hue. We really like the gentleness this color gives your features.

Honey Brown

Honey’s naturally golden tones lend a subtle but noticeable warmth and richness to brown hair. Take a walk outside and the sun will bring out the best in honey brown shade.


In search of the latest brown hue? Choose cinnamon. Besides being a tasty complement to your preferred coffee, its toasty brown hue can also refresh your appearance, making you look more vibrant. This hair color, with its subtle undertones of red, is sure to turn heads.

Ash Brown

Somewhat ashy, rather than brassy is the ash brown tone. Instead of emphasizing any red undertones, ash brown accentuates the browns and grays. This shade will give your hair a warm brown tone that is both sophisticated and edgy. For added elegance, try pairing it with deeper brown tones.

Milk Tea Latte

Very little ash undertones in this medium brown shade give it a refreshingly cool edge. By combining this shade with a shoulder-grazing cut, you may get a modern and carefree appearance.


If you want to draw attention to your eyes and give your face a healthy glow, choose this brownish-orange shade, tawny. Also, if you have a bob, you should consider dying it tawny since it really makes the short cut pop.

Toffee Highlights

When choosing your hair color, combining medium and dark brown tones creates depth and character. If you want to spice up a chocolate brown color scheme, why not add some toffee highlights? The end result will wow you greatly.

Golden Brown

Golden brown hair color will give your hair a beautiful, sun-kissed appearance. This color is especially appealing on morenas, whether as highlights or a complete change of hair color.

Golden Copper

Golden brown with a hint of crimson creates the rich golden copper shade. Leave your black roots alone because they add depth.


Caramel highlights are a gorgeous way to accent your hair’s natural texture and add depth to jagged bobs and lobs. With medium brown hair, the world is your oyster. Have fun trying out the many shades that will bring out the best in your crown. Tip: Maintaining a regular hair care routine will help your hair stay healthy and shiny.