You probably do not need an introduction to the Oribe brand, but in case you do, here is a quick refresher on how to say the name correctly – aw-ree-bay. In recent years, the haircare business has grown into other areas including perfumes, some very lustworthy makeup and skincare, and hair tools and accessories, such as a spherical hairbrush that can cost as high as $185. Also, nobody is forcing us to have it all, but we DO indeed want everything.

The Oribe Brand Brought the First Luxury Haircare Products into the Market

Before 2009, when Oribe, the brand, was established, consumers could only buy haircare products from salons or big-box stores. Because of this void, the three founders recognized an opportunity to launch a new line of haircare products. There was absolutely nothing intermediate or upscale as Kaner puts it. This is where a consumer brand may thrive that also caters to professionals. It should not come as a surprise because luxury is intrinsic to the brand and has been there from the beginning.

Oribe Bottles are Inspired by Perfume

The sleek, architectural packaging of Oribe’s tubes and bottles will make you want to keep them long after they are empty—even if doing so may guarantee you a spot on hoarding. The founders obviously put a lot of thought into creating eye-catching packaging, so this is not a coincidence. Seeing is the “initial introduction,” as Kaner puts it. The stock bottle approach was abandoned in favor of an innovative solution. The bottles, which took design cues from perfume containers, are still unusual in the beauty business today.

The Oribe Brand Has Creative Scents

The fragrance is important to the Oribe identity. Their strategy in creating a unique perfume that combines uplifting notes of Italian bergamot, white peach, and cedarwood helped elevate the company’s offerings in the hair care market beyond the more conventional fruity or vanilla aromas. Kaner contacted a friend who was employed at a high-end perfumery, and they began collaborating with some excellent noses. Canales himself came up with a unique and interesting idea for the fragrance.

Oribe Has Safety Stocks for Discontinued Products

There is nothing more frustrating than running out of a staple product like dry shampoo just as you need to resupply. However, if the dry shampoo in question is made by Oribe, you might be able to track down a replacement. If something goes wrong, they have a safety supply. They do not just say that they are done and sever everything. Contact the manufacturer if you find yourself “raging” over the disappearance of your favorite hair care product.

Oribe Has Hair Accessories

When the Oribe brand debuted a modest line of hair accessories as architectural and minimal as the bottles, consumers could not help but go crazy about them. The collection included a metal barrette plated in gold and a hair clip that could make even a basic bun look like a million bucks. As such, they are rediscovering hair accessories, which is fantastic news. They do not know what kind of hair accessories Oribe will release just yet, but if their past work is any indicator, they will definitely be of a high quality.