Many people go to the salon with a photo of their favorite celebrity and tell their hairdresser to give them that particular style for themselves. However, they miss out on the fact that the hairstyles of their favorite celebrities are the result of considerations of hair type and facial features. What looks good on them may not have the same effect on you as you may not share the same face shape. Choosing a hairstyle that flatters your unique face shape compliments you even in the following weeks and months when the effect of salon styling wears off. 

As such, instead of opting for the latest trend, try selecting a style that suits your face shape. Whether your face is a rectangle, oval, square, circle, triangle, heart or diamond, the right cut will expertly frame and balance it while showcasing your best features for a flattering and complementary appearance. 

Rectangle Face Shape

Those with a rectangular face should aim to soften the appearance of their sharp jaw and forehead without the face. A soft layered cut, for example, can enhance cheekbones while disguising the corners of the face. Avoid overly long styles like long bangs on the side of the face which can further elongate your appearance. For hairstyles with long lengths, try incorporating waves, or curls, which will add horizontal volume and soften the sharp angles of your face. For updos, choose soft and romantic chignons over high buns. When it comes to bangs, soft, rounded fringes and curtain bangs work great over square styles and blunt-cut options.

Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape, consider yourself lucky! Oval faces are well-balanced and suit a wide variety of hairstyles. If you are looking for an impactful style, consider opting for long locks or a cute, short crop. For oval-faced ladies who like short hair, a blunt bob haircut or lob haircut with subtle layers will look particularly chic. If you prefer long hair, opt for minimal layers or style your hair with waves or curls to keep it from dragging down your face. You can also use your natural hair part to help guide you in your hairstyle choice.

Square Face Shape

A square-shaped face features a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline. As such, selecting a cut that softens these features is essential for a flattering appearance. To complement your bone structure, consider a side-parted style, which will offset the angular quality of your face. Long and airy layers are flattering and will help to disguise the sharp angles. If you like a cropped length, consider a short, layered bob. Side-swept bangs draw attention to your cheekbones instead of your jawline.

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